The dog ran along the roadway and the cars honked to not knock him down. Only one person decided to help the animal
On that day, a lot of cars raced along the roadway. They were all going somewhere, because people were in a hurry to go about their thing. And
True love. Faithful dog refused to leave his mistress and thus saved her life
Dogs, without a doubt, are distinguished by their special loyalty, and this picture, which has scattered all over the network, is another proof of this. The footage shows
A dog fated to the last injection hugs his savior, who gave her freedom
Two year old beagle Gregory was included in the list of dogs doomed to the last injection. However Animal Rescue Managers Shenley and Joe decided to give him
«I despise you all.» An introvert dog prefers to sit on a bar stool like a person and watch his fellows from upward
In the state of North Carolina, there is a dog of a very unusual disposition.He is more like a cat with its independent disposition. The dog is excessively
A newborn puppy was freezing in the snow. Yet he had the strength to squeak and he was heard by a kind family
This charming puppy’s past is still a mystery. After he was born, the poor thing found himself on the street immediately. No one knows how he got there
UPS driver noticed exhausted Great Dane on the way and stopped to rescue him
It’s not always the stories of true heroism are similar to the scenarios of films about superheroes. Very often these heroes are among us. They just happen to
It only took one cup of coffee to save 3 kittens. And the good guy had it just at hand
Can you imagine that it might take a cup of coffee to save someone’s life? No, we are not talking about the benefits of this drink! Recently, a
On December 31, an emaciated cat appeared on the market. And only one guy postponed all the cases and decided to save her
On December 31, a very touching story happened to a young man named Artyom Berezka. The guy went to the market, but completely forgot about shopping when he
The skinny animal hurt its paws on the bars of a rusty cage. But the rescuers were already very close
Unfortunately animals are grown on a fur farm in order to afterwards make a fur coat out of them. Surely everyone already knows that the poor are kept
People fed the red cat with scars.And his recent act moved them to tears.
We used to think that maternal instinct is natural only to cat moms. But sometimes cats can hit to the core. This red cat is called Peach. Three
A charming picture. The cubs hold hands while waiting for their mother, who went to get food
Some people take wildlife as a frightening and threatening phenomena. In the meantime you can watch in it a lot of charming and touching moments that take the
There was an abandoned wagon near the forest. And next to each other in the container were huddled 9 shaggy kids
This story is about saving 9 little shaggy creatures that ended up in the forest far from the city . Someone called the Royal Society for the Protection
Feathered friend. American Dave managed to make friends with a chicken
If you are kind and open-hearted, not only people, but also animals will surely love you. Cats and dogs will lie trustingly at your feet and follow on
A homeless kitten yearned on the street and now grabs a temporary mistress legs, as if asking her not to leave
Baby Dudley stayed on the street where he spent the first two months of his life. Hungry, miserable and very thin, he was looking for at least some
The wet, dirty and exhausted cat was shivering from the cold and dragging its hind legs
The hostess Vasya, Evgenia Taratynova, shared the tragic story of his past. The girl’s husband found Vasily a couple of years ago near the office. The poor fellow