On the way, she saw two purebred, barely alive dogs resembling skeletons and did not remain indifferent.
It was in November and Dasha, during a walk, noticed two dogs hanging around near the garbage dump and greedily eating a piece of moldy bread. They were
It’s very touching: a mother deer rescues a cub frozen in fear on the road
It’s an incredibly touching sight to watch how a deer saves her cub, who got scared and stuck in the middle of the road. A caring mother persuaded
A brave guy risked his life to save the life of a deer who was drowning in the river.
This is not a superhero, but the most ordinary boy, but he showed incredible courage, as he saved the life of an animal in trouble. A boy named
This is incredibly touching: the reunion of the elephants after 12 years of separation
It is unlikely that you will be able to contain your emotions when you see this scene. Just look how the old elephant is reunited with her daughter
The mother bear swam across the lake with her cubs, but got exhausted and swam back. the cubs quickly went to the bottom.
Bears are considered savage and dangerous animals. People most often avoid them, bypass their habitats, but it also happens that the savage and strong bear itself really needs