A cute wolf pup was left when he was 3 days old: a brave woman took care of him making him a pet

The cute baby wolf was only three days old when he was refused by his mother.

The little puppy, of course, would not survive in wild nature if this brave girl named Arida left him without care and love.

This young and generous woman named the little pup Kira and was eagerly wanting to foster him as a pet at home.

Fostering a wolf is not an easy-peasy thing at all, as they are born with neophobia.

Usually, they are afraid of new area change and, especially from the crowds of people.

Despite the kind, girl knowing about the state she could not leave the pup alone.

So, she decided to adopt the little sweet wolf by taking him everywhere with her to be accustomed to human beings.

She finally managed to turn Kira into a pet with her constant love and care.

The adorable pet is a very clever, but stubborn animal, and also Kira demonstrates no aggression toward people.

Arida accepts, that getting on with humans is a more difficult task than interacting with Kira.

She announced, that passengers often get surprised and astonished to see her walking on with her wolf.

Sometimes, strangers are curious, and they stop to ask “Isn’t it dangerous for kids?”.

However, the woman assures that her well-mannered and clever boy adores, especially children.

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