A dog with a broken leg abandoned in the forest is now in good hands

Stories about abandoned animals are always heartbreaking. An 8-month-old puppy was recently found in the woods.

Luckily, this poor dog is now in good hands due to the rescue service. Now it is looking for a new home.

Hank was found in the woods. He was sitting surrounded by his old toys,his bed and a bag of food. It was clear that someone had abandoned it there.

He spent about two weeks alone in the forest and was underweight.

Hank was taken in by Humans and Animals United. It’s a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Florida that prepared him for surgery to fix his broken leg.

“Hank is in good mood and the staff just adores him,” Humans and Animals United wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, despite the heartbreak he’s endured in his life, things are going well for Hank now.

The founder of Humans and Animals United,Rosa Fonda said that requests to adopt Hank are going through the roof.He still needs to recover a little, but soon he will have a home.

What this dog went through is heartbreaking, but we are so happy that Hank is now in good hands. He is on the way to recovery and will soon have a wonderful new home.

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