A dumped puppy does not know how to lie down and continues to roll over, finds comfort in a child

After being tied to a fence and abandoned by her owner, Callie’s puppy became frightened and called for help.Her wails were noticed by a decent guy who saved her and took her home.

In the touching video below, we see Callie’s reaction to finally being back in the house.She is allowed to sit next to the man’s sleeping baby and told to rest.After several days of being alone and abandoned, she is understandably tired and sleepy.

Callie is tired but afraid to lie down and go to sleep lest she be abandoned again. When she can’t keep her eyes open anymore, Callie finally decides to sleep, but she does so in the most adorable way.

In the touching scene, we see Kelly snuggling up to the baby and laying down on him to make him comfortable! The presence of the baby calms her anxiety and she finally falls into a peaceful sleep.

It seems that the puppy and the child have become companions for life. This video will make you smile with pleasure!

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