A friendship developed between the two foxes and the owner of the farm

Farm owner Simon Mead is over 50 years old.The man has health problems, he cannot move freely. But Simon does not despair because he has to take care of unusual pets.

The man worked as a fitter for many years. After retirement, he decided to devote all his free time to his hobby. Simon settled on a farm. He was accompanied by a one-eyed cat.

Nothing disrupted the daily routine on the farm. But one day two foxes came to Simon. The man decided that the animals were hiding from the hunters. Hunting with dogs is common in this area.

Simon did not drive the animals away. He decided to save the foxes. The man fed the animals, but they didn’t want to leave. Simon began to take care of his new charges. The animals even got nicknames Hannah and Willow.

Several years have passed since then. However, the foxes still live on Simon’s farm. The owner of the farm spends an impressive amount of £ 150 per month on balanced animal feed.

Simon doesn’t keep his charges locked up. Foxes regularly go into the wild, but return to the farm each time. The one-eyed cat became an authority for Hannah and Willow.

Simon is perceived by animals as a caring father.Every time a hunt with dogs is announced, foxes climb onto the roof of the house.The animals were lucky that they managed to make friends with the sympathetic and kind Simon.

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