A guy looks into a parrot’s nest and finds a very unique family

14 years ago, farmer Josemar Milli and his beloved wife were walking through a wooded area near their home in Brazil when they noticed a weird thing.

Two hopeless little parrots are stranded on the ground in the woods by a fallen tree. The couple decided to save them, which would ultimately save more than the birds’ lives. Milli and his wife took care of the little parrots until they were big after saving them and taking them away.

One of the birds then flew away, never to return. Despite having complete freedom to act the same way, the other decided to stay. Said Milli, “We gave him the name Louro.” She never had a cage. She just didn’t want to leave. Since that time, Louro has been able to come and go as he pleases, all the time resting on Milli’s tender shoulder. But, the bird’s routine has recently changed, according to Milli.

Even though Louro left frequently during the day to circumnavigate the earth, she always returned in the evening. Milli said: “Louro always came home, but she slept at another place for more than 3 days. Plus, she started spending the day by that hollow wooden fence post. Milli’s curiosity was truly natural.

Louro was famous for spending time in a nest she occasionally built in the hollow post, but now she seemed oddly insistent on staying close. So, Milli made the decision to find out what made Louro so interesting. He also observed the following: Milli was surprised to learn that Louro had probably discovered and adopted a litter of 3 baby kittens.

According to Milli, Louro’s part-time nesting spot may have been the birth site of a neighbour’s cat. The kittens might not have been found in time without Louro’s love and ability to get Milli’s attention.

But they were all able to be saved because of the parrot. Milli tried to reintroduce the kittens to the cat who was probably their mother at first, but she kept rejecting them. Meanwhile, Louro’s connection was evident. Milli said: “She considers them her own children.” Milli’s other family members adopted the kittens that Louro had adopted. “We brought them home and we’re taking care of them,” Milli said. Even Milli’s own cat contributed in some way.

The 3 babies not only lived, but also found a devoted family with the help of the parrot. Milli said: “My daughters will keep them.” It looks like Louro will continue to insist on staying close.

Indeed, it is normal for a wild bird to do the same for a species other than its own after being rescued and raised by an unusual family. Louro has always been adored, after all. Moreover, Louro has always been free. She chose, but, to show devotion in the same tender way she had received with this freedom.

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