A kind man healed an owl and released it, after its recovery: see the bird’s incredible gesture toward its rescuer

Meet Gigi, a Virginian eagle owl, who was rescued and taken to a vet clinic with several problems. It was unable to fly anymore.

But the caring vet Douglas Podzecki brought back it to fly.

So, after treating the owl properly, he released it back to the sanctuary, after a few days.

It’s worth mentioning, the exciting moment when the man intended to let him go, but the bird had already felt a tight connection with the man.

Their farewell was so touching!

Douglas is a well-known specialist at one of the rescue centers in Mississippi.

The staff of the clinic has nicknamed the doctor “Bird Whisperer”.

Douglas both treated the animals professionally and knows how to create a trusting friendship with them.

So, it’s a touching and inspiring story of the owl Gigi, who came to the center with few chances.

Soon, due to the caring man learned to soar again.

Gigi has not forgotten its kind rescuer and comes to visit him very often.

Once, Douglas had to be absent from the center for a long time.

And when he came back after several months, the owl rushed into the room via an open window.

As the witnesses said, the missing bird was dancing on the floor, and then it hugged Douglas with its wide wings.

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