A man took a skinny bald dog from the street: how she has changed

This meeting became fateful, but at that moment it was not clear whether it would be possible to save the animal at all. Riko Soegirato went to work, but on the way he came across a puppy that was so weak that he could not get up on his paws.

The puppy was a husky, but at that moment it was impossible to discern a noble breed in it: there was no hair, the skin was covered with traces of the disease, the baby was very thin and hardly moved. The puppy looked at Rico with a sad look and the man realized that he had to help the animal. Rico took the puppy home, introduced him to his girlfriend and four other dogs that lived in his house.

Huskies named Hope, the name translates as “Hope”. Rico couldn’t afford to pay for a visit to the vet, so he took the puppy’s care into his own hands. To begin with, he washed the animal and cut off the tangles.

The most difficult was the treatment of a subcutaneous tick, which caused a lot of problems for the Husky. Rico couldn’t handle it on his own, so he took Hope to the vet. Doctors not only prescribed treatment, but also found that Hope is still very small, although large in size. Rico found the husky just in time, without help it was doomed.

Riko and his girlfriend took care of the dog, treated it, gave it a lot of attention. Soon the dog began to recover and every day began to more and more resemble a representative of his breed.

A year later, Hope was unrecognizable, she became a beautiful and cheerful husky who loves her owners with all her heart.

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