A Nigerian woman gave birth to triplets after 14 years of marriage.She could not have a child.

It took 14 years for this Nigerian woman to become a mother and meet her long-awaited children.

For all 14 years, she faced difficulties in conceiving, but thanks to her willpower and strong character, she did not give up.

And, now she is the happiest mother on the planet.

Meet Obie Evelyn, who can finally have her long-awaited children, two daughters and a son.

The woman has been married for 14 years, although she could not have a child.

According to her, although all these years she could not conceive a child, she chose the names for her children.

Moreover, she talked to them, and lived with her imaginary children.

However, happiness finally came to her, making her the happiest mother in the world.

In an Instagram post, she said she was speechless at this unmatched joy.

She was grateful to God that he had finally blessed her after so many shameful and strong years of marriage.

Her life is now filled with three rays of sunshine at once: this is a real reward for her hope and faith in God.

She wrote that her almighty God blessed her with three miracles at once.

She gave birth to a beautiful boy and two angels.

Her wish has finally come true!

“Thank you my big God”, and “Thank you for hearing my prayers”, she wrote.

Now Obi is the happiest mom who is confident that she and her angels are blessed with the eternal love and protection of God.

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