A sweet girl was born with a rare phenomenon.Now, after the operation, she has become a real beauty.

When this adorable baby was born with a rare condition, she became a sensation as she had a very unusual appearance.

There was a huge red mole on the top of her nose.

Fortunately, the doctors confirmed that there was nothing to worry about and that it was just temporary, the redness would pass soon.

In particular, the parents of a cute baby were afraid of a reddish mole and thought that it could cause another problem.

The cutie was diagnosed with a hemangioma and was prescribed some pills, and nothing more.

So, the parents hoped that the medicine would be effective.

However, years passed and they saw no visible change, the red mole was getting worse.

This time her caring mom and dad again worried about their daughter’s health, as it merely spread to her face.

The sweet little one even received comments from strangers who made fun of her appearance, calling her a «clown».

Soon, the charming girl became unfriendly and began to avoid people and even her friends.

Then her parents were very worried about her future and hurried to find a specialist for proper treatment.

Luckily, they found a kindhearted doctor who undertook the operation very well and easily.

The happy parents didn’t even recognize Coney at first, as they used to see her with her “big funny ball”.

It was only after the treatment that the pretty young girl became more self-confident and established contact with her friends and those around her.

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