A youngster helped his father warm his newborn twins, and the touching picture of the incident went viral.

Several years ago, Scandinavian maternity centers have adopted a new method of breastfeeding infants.

The method is known as “skin-to-skin” in medicine.

The method appeared to be the best solution. Soon, after the solution became widely used, a photo went viral on the Internet.

In the picture, a little boy warmed one of his newborn siblings, and his dad warmed the other infant.

In addition, the method is especially used in the case of premature babies, putting them on their mom’s and dad’s chest.

Actually, it is a very effective procedure for the newborn: it gives the baby calmness and positive feelings.

Besides, “skin-to-skin” helps premature infants decrease after-birth stress and helps them to survive and recover more quickly.

Due to this wonderful method, the survival rate of premature infants weighing 1 to 1.5 kg has recently increased from 30% to 70%.

So, when these premature babies were born, their parents were surprised and tried to do every possible to help them survive.

Of course, with the help and constant support of the doctors!
So, their 5-year-old boy was also anxious about the event.

The young boy also wanted to initiate something to help his twin siblings.

So, the parents, also the hospital staff agreed to let him in.

They thought, that it was essential to arouse the empathy of the kid toward others from a very young age.

So, the boy volunteered and warmed one of his siblings so responsively, that soon, the users couldn’t stay indifferent to his gesture.

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