Adorable moments of two baby elephants playfully fighting and wrestling down each other

Elephants are one of the peaceful animals we know. Their calves are the cutest and funniest beings on the planet. Their stubby legs, big ears, cute trunk and innocent eyes make us fall in love with them.

Plus they are clumsy and playful. These little buddies adore fighting against each other.

They can spend the whole day rolling over each other, wrestling and fight games. It seems they can’t get enough of making trouble for their adults.

These two elephants are no exception. Their fight scene was captured on camera, showing their cute fight game. They don’t care how adults will react to their game.

Soon one of the elder elephants came to separate them but it didn’t work. Actually, the calves didn’t hurt each other and it made the adults keep quiet. Anyway, they were watching over the adventurous baby elephants.

Obviously, the friends enjoyed the battle. When they got exhausted, the baby elephants surrendered to each other and got back to their families.

It seems they after taking a rest they would continue on playing another fighting game.

This duo and their wrestling tricks has become famous when the visitors of the park shared the video on social media. People commented under the video with positive thoughts.

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