After the dog passed away, Zeus the cat didn’t notice his absence until he find the dog collar

Seeing what the cat was doing, the owners sobbed out loud.

As you know, cats easily live with dogs under the same roof, but they don’t feel great love for each other. It was the same with this couple: the cat Zeus and the dog Sam had lived together for many years, but tried not to notice each other.

There were no scandals, but there was no particularly great love either.

Time passed. The age of animals is short, and now Sam is gone. The owners were grieving, but the cat did not seem to notice the loss of the dog.

But after a few days, Zeus’s behavior changed a lot. He suddenly became restless, as if looking for someone. People realized that the cat had finally realized that there was no dog.

For days on end, Zeus followed his owner and meowed, as if asking: “Where is my friend? Where did he go?” And one fine morning, the cat found an old dog collar: his further behavior deeply touched people.

At first, the cat simply lay down next to the collar. Then he began to rub against him and purr. And then he put his head and body inside the collar and fell asleep in that position.

To be honest, the owners of Zeus sobbed out loud, looking at the actions of the cat. After all, it is so touching: it means that Zeus really misses his departed friend, even though they were not very close during their lifetime.

People never threw out the collar, leaving it specifically for the cat. It’s been a long time, but Zeus still loves to sleep hugging this dog accessory.

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