Air Force veteran and his beloved dog died less than 2 hours apart

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals on this planet.

Their friendliness is more than just being playful around you. They also stay by your side even in difficult times.

Air Force veteran Daniel Howe and his dog Gunner are an example of just how loyal dogs can be.

When Daniel retired from the army, he tried to serve the country in other ways.He became Burnsville’s assistant fire chief and was admired by many for his strong and remarkable leadership.

Unfortunately, Daniel had to stop because of the diagnosis.The senior had pancreatic cancer.

When his family and friends found out about this, they felt sad for the man.They showered him with love and kind words to help him overcome a difficult life situation.

The dog, who was also old, rarely left Daniel.He was always there when Daniel was strong and active, as well as during the Air Force veteran’s battle with cancer.The older dog had nothing else on his mind but to be with Daniel.

At some point, Gunner also began to get sick.

For Daniel’s family, this did not come as a surprise.The veteran and his dog did everything together, and apparently they too became weak and ill at about the same time

Gunner’s condition was a giveaway that his owner was also about to pass away. Heather knew the end was near, and so their family braced themselves for the worst news.

The dog stopped responding, which caused Heather to call the doctor.She shared how things unfolded that day, explaining:

“I called the vet clinic I used to work at. They got me in right away and I rushed him up there, put him to sleep. And about an hour and a half later, my dad was gone too.”

Daniel and his dog finally said goodbye on the same day.

The connection between Daniel and Gunner is amazing. They were together until the very end.

Gunner is not just a loyal dog.It’s practically family.Daniel is lucky to have it, just as Gunner is lucky to have an Air Force veteran own it.

The dog died before its owner, and that day they did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to each other.For Heather, it’s kind of a blessing.

Heather is grateful for the life of Gunner and the way he added happiness to her father’s life.The loyalty that Daniel and Gunner had for each other is certainly unique.

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