Alabama animal hospital gives “goodbye kisses” to dogs before they are put to sleep

Making the decision to put a dog down is heartbreaking. Sometimes their medical bills are too expensive, sometimes they wouldn’t be able to live comfortably or happily due to medical conditions or injury.

Other times, their behavior isn’t safe or there isn’t a place for them and no one to advocate for them. In these cases, veterinary staff or shelter workers often have to make the difficult decision.

No matter the reason, euthanizing an animal is a challenging but often necessary decision. Of course, for those who go through putting a dog down, they want their dogs to be as comfortable and happy as possible in their last days.

It’s not just owners who care about the animals’ last moments, but veterinarian staff as well.

An animal hospital in Alabama is going viral for how they say goodbye to their patients.

When the time comes, saying goodbye to your beloved pet is anything but easy. You want to make sure they know how loved they are so you smother them with hugs and kisses and give them all the treats in the world.

But sometimes that’s not always possible.
Staff at Smiths Station Animal Hospital in Smiths Station, Alabama recently shared how they handle euthanasia appointments. “This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments…because no dog should go to Heaven without tasting chocolate.”

Dr. Nicole Namie explained that typically dogs were always given one final treat. “If the staff has had pizza for lunch, we’ll give the dog some extra pizza.”

They’ve only been using “goodbye kisses” for a few weeks after one of the veterinary technician assistants saw the idea online.

Since sharing the jar of chocolate kisses, the image has gone viral with thousands of people sharing images of their own pets both living and deceased.

This is such a sweet gesture. Not only does it comfort the dogs, but it also comforts the humans.

Thank you so much to the staff at Smiths Station Animal Hospital.

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