An 89-year-old kind grandmother knitted more than 450 shelter dog jackets for the winter

This heroic and inspiring story is a great example of unconditional love for animals.

Although we do not currently see kind and sweet gestures from humanity, this elderly woman restores our faith in humanity.

Despite the fact that she is already 89 years old, she does not stop bringing goodness and the sun.

Meet Maisie Green from Great Britain, who has been knitting and donating blankets and jackets for the Dogs Trust over years.

This is an animal protection organization based in Basildon, which greatly appreciates the efforts of the 89-year-old good grandmother.

Knitting is her favorite activity.She used to turn a coil into warm handmade clothing.

Besides, she is a great animal lover and protector since her youth.

That’s why she decided to do good to her beloved shelter animals by dressing them up in her warm jackets and blankets.

As one of the shelter volunteers said, it took her 3 full days to complete one blanket for a stray dog.

Despite her age, the kind-hearted grandmother adores her dogs so much that she spends most of her time knitting for them.

Every year she gives them her handmade sweaters to keep them warm during the freezing winters.

Incredible love from our heroine grandma for adorable dogs, so nice of you!

In addition, the Dogs Trust organization has been keeping activity for 128 years taking care of rejected and homeless dogs.

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