An officer of the law adopts a wounded dog he rescued while on duty.

Officer Matthew O’Hanlon of the Mount Laurel Police Department in New Jersey told ‘Good Morning America’ that he took in a puppy after finding him and his co-workers wandering in an industrial area of Mount Laurel on January 2.

O’Hanlon and his fiancée adopted the pit bull and named him Thor.

The officer says Thor had no identification and had a head injury. He was sent to the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Westampton for treatment.

“I called the shelter 20 minutes after dropping him off and told them I wanted him,” O’Hanlon recounted.

O’Hanlon picked up Thor and brought him to the vet where another animal’s tooth was removed from his head. He has since recovered and is doing well at home with his new family.

Mr O’Hanlon said he wanted to end the stigma of pit bulls as aggressive dogs.

“They are the most loving and affectionate dogs I have ever had… it is unfortunate to give them a bad name when it really all depends on how they are raised.”

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