Another story of a circus animal – mountain lion Mufasa that gets rescued after 20 years of captivity

A mountain lion was released free with the efforts of an animal rescue team.

It’s a fact that Peru doesn’t let wild animals be used in circus performances. But many people here disrespect the law and continue abusing wild creatures. They put animals in cages. The same fate had a mountain lion – Mufasa.

The big cat was forced to do circus tricks for 20 years. The poor thing was kept in a tiny cage, all chained, having no chance to live a normal life.

Fortunately, Mufasa was on the list of rescued animals. The lion was the last wild animal to be saved.

Thanks to the efforts of kind people now this animal and many others live in the wild or sanctuaries.

As Mufasa was in chains his whole life, he couldn’t go back to nature. Now he lives in a sanctuary in a Peruvian wood.

We hope that these sufferings of wild animals will soon come to the end and people will realize that wild animals should live in the wildlife.

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