Australians pull the stressed and scared-to-death kangaroo out of the lake

Residents of Canberra, walking near a lake, noticed a kangaroo stuck in the water. In Australia, September is the first month of spring, and winter chill still reigns in many places.

The animal was numb from the cold and could not get ashore on its own. Two men rushed to his aid.

Experts warn that this is a very dangerous situation – primarily for humans. Kangaroos themselves are tall and strong animals, and when they are under stress, they can deliver crushing blows with their powerful paws.

This time, fortunately, the men managed to immobilize the unlucky bather and dragged him ashore.

There, the kangaroo extended its paw to its rescuers – people jokingly called it “gratitude”, but it was probably just a reflexive movement.

Fortunately, the stressed animal calmed down shortly after the rescue. The kangaroo went back to its habitat as nothing had happened to him.

Despite the seemingly unusual situation, kangaroos very often jump into the water.

The reason is the same stress: trying to avoid a threatening situation, kangaroos choose water bodies as a safe place.

And in the fall of 2019, the police pulled the same animal out of the same lake twice: even when it was on land, it made a jump back.

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