Caring girls rescued a little puppy that was desperately fighting for his life

While walking, two friends noticed an animal curled up in a ball in the middle of the sidewalk. It was not clear whether the dog was alive or not.

The girls came closer and saw that the puppy was still showing signs of life and urgently needed help.

At first glance, he was no more than a month old. The baby was very weak and hungry.

The poor fellow was incredibly lucky because the girls worked as volunteers in organizing assistance to animals. They decided to take the puppy to the vet and feed him.

So the dog found a roof over his head. Now he lives in an orphanage and his name is I-Ti, as the protagonist of the movie “Alien”, because there is clearly something fantastic in the puppy.

What good news. It’s heartwarming and hopeful to know that animals are still not alone. If we continue to help and rescue them, other people around us will definitely follow our examples.

They are living beings too and they can get hungry or need warmth as we humans do. Treating them well is a noble job to do. Love animals the way they love you!

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