Cat Walked 20 Kilometers Home, But Nobody Was Waiting For Him: Sad Story With A Happy Ending

Tobby was 7 years old when his owners thought they no longer needed him. They wanted to give it to friends, but they weren’t very happy about it, so the animal didn’t see any attention or affection. The cat did not like the new house and decided to return to the old owners. Anyway, but loyalty between animals is a common occurrence.

No one noticed his disappearance. Presumably, the cat has been traveling for several weeks. But when the former owners saw the animal on the threshold of the house, they were not at all happy about it. They didn’t even let her into the house. They immediately took him to the doctor and left him there, saying he should be euthanized.

The cat was betrayed and eventually broke his heart. Fortunately, the center’s doctors did not want to euthanize a healthy animal and transferred it to a shelter for homeless cats. There, Tobby had his own corner, where he spent all his time in silence, with sadness in his eyes.

The owners of the shelter were shocked by Tobby’s touching story and posted it on social media in the hope that someone would be willing to shelter the poor man. And it happened. One day a man took Tobby and took him to his family.

Now the cat lives with two other cats and caring owners. At home, Tobby has flourished. It turned out to like to purr. Fortunately, he has not lost his confidence and there will be many more happy moments in his life.

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