Couple gathering firewood are stunned to see ‘dark figure’ in the snow

Recently, a couple was collecting firewood near East Kootenay, British Columbia, when they saw something strange. An odd shape stood out against the white snow up ahead. It looked like an animal, but it wasn’t moving.

“There were only trees and snow around, so the dark figure in the snow stuck out,” Tia Yakimovitch, animal care supervisor at the East Kootenay BC SPCA, told The Dodo. “They didn’t think it was an animal, but the wife had a nagging feeling and approached. She thought if it was an animal, it would have scurried away … but he didn’t move an inch.”

As she approached, the woman was stunned to find a brown and white cat almost completely frozen in the snow. In an instant, the couple grabbed the cat and raced him to the safety of the East Kootenay BC SPCA.

SPCA staff felt horrible for the homeless 12-year-old senior, who was later named Wilson.

“Who knows how long he was out there or what he went through,” Yakimovitch said.

Shelter staff rushed Wilson to a veterinarian, who conducted emergency surgery to address a wound on Wilson’s belly. After the surgery, the vets monitored Wilson, who had several other lesions on his skin endured during his time alone.

Through it all, grateful Wilson remained affectionate as ever.

“Wilson is such a sweetheart,” Yakimovitch said. “A gentle soul who loves to give hugs and chat with his people. He is laid back and relaxed. He truly seems to hold no grudges or resentment over what he went through and is just happy to have a warm place and a cozy bed and people to bring him tasty snacks and endless pets and compliments.”

Wilson has already received a lot of interest from adopters. It’s clear to Yakimovitch that he’ll have a family in no time.

“We are confident he will be in his forever home very soon,” Yakimovitch said.

Warm, healed and free from the harsh wind and snow, Wilson is ready to live out his golden years in comfort.

“He is ready for retirement life,” Yakimovitch said. “Sunbathing in a window, bird watching from a cat perch, naps on his human’s lap and lots of treats! We are excited for him to have the most relaxing rest of his life.”

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