Curious gorilla brings her baby to meet mom and newborn in an adorable footage

Maternity has the same language both for humans and animals. Mothers understand each other, no matter human beings or wild beasts.

In this story, a very unexpected encounter took place between two moms.

Michael Austin, his wife Emmila and their newborn visited the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. They had no clue what was going to happen after meeting the mother gorilla.

When Emmila approached the enclosure of the gorillas with the baby in her hands, suddenly a mother gorilla appeared in front of her.

The monkey was curious about the tiny human baby. She was trying to cuddle her behind the glass that separated them. Then Kiki grabbed her son – 7 months old Pablo to carry him for the zoo visitors and Emmila.

The special bond and supernatural interaction between the moms lasted few minutes.

Michael turned on the camera on time to film the magical process. It was one of the cutest scenes ever.

Surely, neither Emmila nor Kiki won’t ever forget about this special encounter.

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