Dog with «saddest face» finally adopted after his melancholy face was posted online

Guapo’s sadness, which he experienced after being abandoned by his family, was heavy.

So much so that you could see it on his face.

But it was the melancholic muzzle of the dog that helped him find a new, forever loving home, turning this frown upside down.

Guapo’s very sad face went viral after he was featured in a promotional video for the shelter.

He was not particularly interested in people who passed by his kennel. But many people became interested in him as soon as this video went viral.

The perfect family for Guapo was found and they were very eager to take him home.And Guapo also wanted to go home with them.

“After just a few minutes in the play yard with his new family, we started to see a different look on Guapo’s face. A slow and shy smile, and a light in his eye that only comes from hope and happiness,” Animal Services wrote on Facebook.

For Guapo, it was both an internal and an external transition.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Orange County Animal Services currently cares for more than 700 animals, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

That includes 383 at their shelter and 319 in foster care.

Recently, about 114 animals were brought under their care in one day.

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