Dying man looks for a perfect owner for his senior rescue dog Pawpaw before passing away

One day John Weston received a devastating diagnosis that he had 6 months left to live. So his neighbor suggested living a meaningful life before passing away.

He recommended John adopt a dog and spend his time in the companionship of a dog. The man had a nerve cell disease that was influencing his brain and spinal cord.

Sherri Franklin – the neighbor of John is a founder of a dog rescue center. It was him who brought PawPaw to the sick man.

This dog was so perfect for the health of John that he lived not half a year but three and a half years. John’s relatives believe that the man lived longer due to his friendship with PawPaw. The dog loved his owner and always slept on his bed.

It was spring of 2019 when John turned to Sherri with the request to find the kindest family that would adopt PawPaw. John met all the people that wanted to adopt the lovely dog. He stopped on a man named Bernie Knobbe.

In the words of John, PawPaw and Bernie were meant to find each other. The man was sure his dog was having a good time with Bernie. Finally, John decided to give his beloved dog to the man but only after passing away.

Days later John died. His companion and best friend was given to the new owner who madly loves the doggie! Now the 16 years old senior dog enjoys his life with two other rescue dogs!

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