Energetic puppy gets bored on the plane and decides to entertain the passengers

Most dogs want the attention of their owner. And if they are additionally full of energy, the owner may want some rest.

When Ursula Aitchison boarded a flight to Ibiza, she had no clue how her golden retriever pup would behave on the plane.

The woman wanted to take some rest. But the active pup didn’t want to stay ignored. Huxley refused to play all by himself, so he decided to get other’s attention.

Without hesitation, he just left Ursula’s sight and set on the front seat of his owner. He started getting the attention of the man sitting on the aisle seat.

Then Huxley turned around sticking his cute face between two seats to entertain his owner. It seemed as if he wanted to say that with her or without he could get enough attention.

Indeed, the adorable pup took the attention of all the passengers. Huxley set with the strange man for 30 minutes, making many people smile and have some fun.

Ursula took a couple of photos of amusing Huxley. The man that made friends with Huxley asked Ursula to send the picture of the precious dog to his daughter. He himself didn’t lose the opportunity to take selfies with the ”celebrity” dog.

Good job Huxley. You made the day of all the passengers as well as ours!

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