Father beat him

This unbelievable exciting story happened in one of the shelters in Mexico. Once the workers found a box indoor where the puppy was sitting with toy, there were also a note written by child.

Reading the note,the voluntaries terrified.At first they thought the child left the puppy whom he could not take care of.

But no, the 12-years old boy did good thing. He saved his lovely puppy from his rude father.The child wrote that the puppy tolerated all beats but once the hit was so strong that he hurt his tail.

In the letter the child asked to take care of the puppy and also to find a kind owner for him.

After reading the letter they took him to veterinary hospital, there was find out that the tail was hurt and the fur was full of louses.But fortunately there was no problem with his health.

The puppy was girl and they gave her nickname Rene. Employers made a post in the page of shelter in social net and at once more than three thousand people wanted to be the owners for the puppy. Soon she was given to the caring family where she will never feel such things.

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