Friendship lasting 18 years: a man saved a hippo and this giant repaid him with great love

This female hippo named Jessica is regarded as being the most well-known worldwide.

She has been the subject of around 150 documentaries and is covered extensively in the media so hundreds of people travel to see her each year. But let’s learn more about this incredible animal.

Her story began 18 years ago, in South Africa. The family patriarch discovered a baby hippopotamus on a riverbank not far from his residence. There was nobody in the area.

It is obvious that only one cub could possibly survive, especially given the fact that the infant was probаbly only a few days old.

The man made the choice to bring the animal home. Jessica became the name of the child.

The animal was reared by the entire Joubert family. Jessica briefly resided in her rescuers’ home, but the animal eventually grew up.

The Jouberts made the decision to throw Jessica into the same river where they had originally discovered her.

Jessica, however, has grown so devoted to individuals that she visits their homes every day and even sails there.

Jessica still enjoys drinking tea and watching TV. FYI, Jessica receives several liters of the prior owner’s favorite tea every day.

The hippopotamus is also not afraid of people and happily accepts treats and gentle head pats.

This tale has gained a lot of popularity. Tours have been planned just for tourists, allowing them to meet Jessica, get to know her, and learn about the Joubert family patriarch, who is happy to offer his unique experience.

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