Girl went to his boyfriend but she did not know anything about the dog after going and that’s why threw it to the dustben

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how can the person be strong with poor ansaved animals

This is such kind of  story about a poor dog in America.The  girl named Michele went to another city but she did not know that there lived a dog at the same house where she went to.

And she threw the dog to the dustbin.And so poor dog stayed there till the dustman went to bring the garbage.When the man noticed him he was already very weak becouse did not eat anything two or more days.

The dog was sent to a pet hospital and stayed there many days.LOmg after it was sure that the dog had a chip in his neck and the polise found his owner and amerced.

He might give money and  might be experted in order to know he was mad or no.

Its very good thet now the dog has no deseases and feels better.Now he is in a shelt and we hope we can find a very good family for him in order to make a safety life and to make her to forget about tha owful life.

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