Golden Retriever abandoned at beach with 46-pound tumor could barely walk

Golden Retriever abandoned at beach with 46-pound tumor could barely walk.

Even worse than being a stray dog, this one had a family before being dumped on a Newport, California, beach. And to make things worse, he was carrying an additional 46 pounds due to a growth on his side.

Thankfully, a kind passerby saw Henry the dog wandering the beach and called Valerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control. The NBAC rescuers could not have been ready for Henry’s appearance. They were used to collecting stray canines who were in bad condition.

He couldn’t walk since the tumor was resting on the shoulder of his right front leg due to its size. He was having trouble going about as well as obtaining meals.

Henry had overcome a lot of obstacles in a short period of time, yet he never lost his enthusiasm for life. He loved everyone he came across, was always happy and wagging his tail. Henry would kiss anybody who approached too closely.

Thankfully, Schomburg was able to secure enough money via grants so that Henry could have surgery to remove the sizable tumor. The tumor was cancerous, yet it did not grow.

Henry had a significant weight loss after the operation, which was a success. He weighed 78 pounds and could now finally move about without difficulty after the tumor was removed.
Following his operation, he moved in with a kind foster family via the Newport Beach Animal Shelter and eagerly made up for lost time.

Henry gained worldwide recognition as the media covered his tale, turning him into a local hero. People from all around the globe gave him gifts and food to show their appreciation for being motivated by his tale.

Henry passed away peacefully while sleeping, but not before enjoying his time on Earth and falling in love for the first time. His wide-eyed grin and never-ending tail wag revealed his boundless zest for life.

Even while it is tragic, his passing has had some positive effects. They found Henry’s prior owner after completing additional investigation. The OC District Attorney’s Office has charged her, and her criminal case is currently pending.

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