He flew thousands of kilometres to get to his redeemer

The officer of American army named Uebb was in a business trip in abroad there he took street dog.The dog was helpless and very thin. The girl got responsibility to take care of him and gave him nickname Shenok. She did for him what she could, fed him, took to the veterinary, played with him,loved him so much what he needed most of all.

But everything was not so easy, soon she got a prescript to return to USA, and the air company making the flight did not let pets to the board. Poor Shenok had to divorce.

The story did not have sad end, the organization protecting animals’ rights controlled the situation. They made all the documents and the dog got rights to fly. The company also paid all the costs not to divorce Shenok with Uebb.

Everything was ok with them. The dog flew on other flight and joined his owner. Thank you kind and mindful people for saving this problem which seemed to be impossible.

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