Heartbreaking news of a sheriff and his longtime K9 partner that die within hours of each other

This is a real occasion about a man and a pup that lived, worked and passed away together.

Let us introduce to you Sheriff Dan McClelland and his co-worker Chihuahua-rat terrier mix with a name Midge that died on the exact day with his owner.

K9 police dogs are not just animals but specially trained workers. Their handlers almost never treat them as dogs but co-workers.

Indeed, they have such an important role in the investigation and rescue operations. Sheriff Dan and his little buddy served in the police for a very long time. They retired only in 2016.

After 44 years of service, the man passed away at the age of 67. But no one would expect that his partner Midge would die from grief hours later.

This sad story got popular because these two shared a special bond. It seemed meaningless for the little chihuahua to live further without his best friend.

In fact, they were a famous ”pair.” The man won several awards and the dog got the Guinness World Record for the tiniest police dog in 2006.

Actually, people would joke on sheriff Dan, telling, ‘Hey, there’s Midge and whatshisname, sheriff Dan!’

Yes, maybe this story made you sad but the power of the true friendship between a human and a dog will make you smile!

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