It has already been 100 years since this dog crossed the rainbow, but he still gets his favorite gift: sticks

This story is about a legendary Rex, who is a famous and beloved figure for the townspeople where he has lived.

And the lovely tradition continues though he passed away more than 100 years.

He has stayed as a magical wet-nose doggo for everyone who has ever heard about him.

Especially, he receives gifts on his birthday from the town’s residents every year.

Everyone in the town is familiar with the legendary story of the wonderful dog.

People don’t forget the lovely and big-hearted doggo, who has been the pet of a food trader.

His human adored his loyal pet.

They had a special bond, which continued to exist and flourish even after so many years.

Rex is next to his owner’s cemetery, who has been devoted to the man with endless and unconditional love.

He was a loyal friend to most people.

Wherever he went he spread love and sunshine to them.

The local people made Rex’s bronze copy as a tribute.

Recently, a picture has appeared on the Internet. It’s shown that people still bring their favorite sticks for Rex’s monument.

The photo instantly went viral on social media.

Rest in eternal peace, sweetie.

Your name is still so known, that people remember you now.

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