It saved the people’s life endangering himself

A group of men from Russia worked in Libery in one of the countries in Africa. The dog called Sharik was a keeper there. The dogs are very rare in this continent and they are as means of food. Sharik was also among them, but the Russians bought him and warned the natives not to rob him and if somebody hurt him would be bad.

Sharik was healthy and kind, he was friendly with hens, he even did not attack to him, and kept them from wild birds frightening them with his bark, he became lovely dog. One day Sharik could save one of the men named Anatolia from snake’s bite. The man was talking on phone and suddenly heard the dog’s bark behind, turning back saw the dangerous snake next to him.

He barked, distracted attention of the snake and it attacked to Sharik and in this way dog saved Anatolia. They gave the brave dog tasty food but in the morning men saw that Sharik was unhappy they thought he was ill in the evening got worse the men gave him medicine. The fourth day they understood that poor dog was living his last days because of the snake’s bite.It was impossible to find a veterinary in Africa, there even doctors could hardly be seen.

They could not forgive themselves that Sharik saved Anatolia’s life but they could not help him. Sharik rolled to the tube and hid there from his owners. In the morning they could not find him. The dog, as usually do the dogs, feeling his death went away from everybody.

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