Joe Biden’s beloved and sweet German shepherd is the White House’s first shelter dog

In general, the new president brought many «firsts» with him to the White House.

And, one of the sweetest first facts is that Joe Biden’s four-legged fluffy Major is the 1st shelter puppy in the White House.

Champion and Major are two of his sweet noble creatures.

Sweet Major was adopted by them from the Delaware Animal Welfare Association in 2018.

Initially, it was Biden’s daughter, Ashley said about adopting the pet when she sent the announcement to her father.

It was written that abandoned puppies are waiting for their forever home.

So, having seen the post, our generous and kind president could not remain indifferent and contacted the shelter.

Soon, after a few days, he became the foster dad of the cute pup.

Champ had already been the beloved doggo for, especially, his wife who brought him home in 2008.

But once the two adorable furry creatures met, they became best friends.

Nowadays, many people are admired to see the sweet little paws accompanying their kind owner to the White House floors.

So, Biden’s huge and true love for the cutest dogs is so sweet.

Despite his full and busy schedule, the generous president loves to spend his free time with his beloved dogs.

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