Journalist hesitated whether to save a friend’s dinner from a cat or take her best photo

“Oh, those cats,” is a phrase that everyone has uttered at least once in their lives.

American photojournalist Margaret Middleton faced a very ambiguous situation: on the one hand, a cat attacked her friend’s pasta, and this required intervention, and on the other, it would be a crime not to capture this.

After a little struggle with her conscience, Margaret nevertheless decided to take this funny shot, because it’s not every day that your cat devours your food so brazenly and emotionally!

By the way, Margaret’s friend was not offended at all and was happy with the popularity of the cat, which increased after the journalist published the picture on her Twitter page.

Introducing Banshee, the furious spaghetti hunter.

“The photojournalist’s dilemma: save your friend’s pasta or take the best shot of your life?” Magaret signed the photo.

After the publication of the picture, the cat became incredibly popular, so the woman decided to introduce the subscribers to her closer.

“My Banshee is very happy about her moment of glory! She wanted me to show you that she doesn’t always look so fierce. But she’s always ready to gobble up your food!”

And a little later, the girls said that behind all these cute pictures there is a sad story – last year the cat was diagnosed with cancer. The owners treat and support the Banshee as best they can.

Margaret also answered the most frequently asked questions.

Margaret’s followers were so impressed that they themselves began to share the pranks of their cats.

We hope that Banshee will live a long and well-fed life, no matter what, and, just like now, will continue to please the owners with her cat hooliganism!

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