Little dog stuck in tar kept barking until someone heard it

Last week, workers near the town of Suwałki in Poland heard something that worried them. From a distant wooded area in the distance, a dog barked incessantly, as if calling for help.

Fortunately, the workers decided to listen to these cries. They went to the sound until it led here.

There, stuck in a puddle of sticky tar and unable to move, the dog desperately needed help.

Unable to get the stuck puppy out on their own, the workers contacted rescuer Joanna Godlewska from the Nizhiye Animal Welfare Foundation.

«When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes,» Godlewska told.

No one knows how long the dog stayed there, but it was clear that he would not live much longer.His spirit was quickly fading away.

The local fire brigade joined Godlevskaya to help him get out.As they worked, a glimmer of hope appeared in the eyes of the captured puppy.
«He understood that we were saving him,» Godlewska said.

Rescuers carefully cut off the most resin-covered parts of the poor dog’s coat and used vegetable oil to loosen the rest.

The dog was rushed to the veterinary clinic to be treated for exhaustion and to have as much of the remaining resin removed from the body as possible.

Fortunately, aside from a couple of superficial injuries on one side of the muzzle, the dog was in mostly good health.

Since then, the dog has gone through several more cleaning sessions.

After all, the dog, now called Farsik, was not only rescued from the sticky death trap he was found in.

Farcik has yet to recover, but he is surrounded by people who care about him and his future.

When the time comes, Godlevskaya intends to take him into a loving home forever.

«I just wanted to save him,» Godlewska said. «Thank you to everyone who saved this dog.»

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