Mama cat has sweetest reaction to meeting orphaned kitten who needs love

Rihanna was a stray cat living outside and being fed by Good Samaritans when one of them noticed she was pregnant. The woman was unable to care for the mama-to-be herself, so she posted on Facebook to see if anyone could help.

TikTok user House of Six Cats, who is an avid foster mom, quickly volunteered to take Rihanna in and foster her through the local humane society.

When Rihanna arrived at her foster home, she was extremely pregnant. Her new mom thought she would give birth at any moment, but instead, she took her time settling in and mentally preparing herself for motherhood.

Days passed and still no kittens. Finally, on her ninth day in her foster home, Rihanna finally welcomed her babies into the world.

Rihanna gave birth to three very chunky kittens and immediately proved herself to be the best mom ever. She had no problem taking care of her new babies and seemed very content — so when her rescuer heard about an orphaned newborn kitten who needed a new mom, she immediately thought of Rihanna.

She decided to take in the newborn kitten and try introducing him to Rihanna. She placed him outside the box Rihanna and her kittens were staying in — and within seconds, Rihanna stuck her head out, smelled him and snatched him up, adding him to her family.

The bonus baby, as he’s been called by his fosters, took no time at all to acclimate to his new family. Within minutes of joining, he was already nursing from his new mom and cuddling with his three new siblings.

The rescuer was so thrilled that the transition went so seamlessly and that Rihanna immediately accepted the bonus baby as her own.

All four of Rihanna’s babies are doing wonderfully and growing stronger each day. Mama Rihanna is doing an incredible job of raising and taking care of them so that, one day, they can all go off and find their forever homes.

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