Man and a leopard taken from the zoo now live in the same apartment

Alexander Volkov lives side by side in the same apartment with a leopard, which he used to take care of at the zoo when he was still an employee.

But the zoo was closed. The animals needed to be attached somewhere, and Volkov bought this big cat, because he knew her life circumstances.

The fact is that the young leopard named Caesar was very homesick for his deceased friend and partner, a similar leopard.

Yes, Alexander is well aware of the habits of these predators and that they can be very dangerous. And he does not advise anyone to have such a pet. But he has another matter.

He is a specialist who knows well the habits of these huge wild and very ferocious cats.

Alexander converted one of the rooms of his apartment into an aviary.

But Caesar turned out to be an unusually contact big cat, does not show aggression and loves to walk with his human friend, behaving calmly and adequately.

Caesar, in turn, glorified his master and himself in social networks.

The cat feels great and shows clear signs of gratitude for the guy who saved him from loneliness and unpredictable fate.

By the way, in the wild, this leopard that grew up in the zoo would inevitably die.

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