Meet the most colorful giant squirrel from Malabar that is not afraid of people

Squirrels are coward animals that are always in rush. They are not exotic and interesting nature inhabitants. You neither can make a friend with them, nor admire them.

It seems there is nothing special about them. But if you visit the forests of India, you may see some of the very beautiful and exotic squirrels.

Let us introduce to you the Malabar giant squirrel. It’s not a common squirrel that you may see in the backyard of your house.

Unlike the squirrels we know, this species is not timid. The proof of that is the Malaabr squirrels are not endangered. They can adapt to the new places.

These wonderful creatures don’t like being on ground. They are jumping from a tree to a tree. Their appearance is very capturing. They have brownish, orange and purple colors.

It seems that they can be easily eaten by other predators. Actually the dark-colored creature hides from other animals thanks to her appearance. The dark colors help them survive.

In sunlight the color of the Malabar squirrel is magical. The bright colors will make you not to believe in its existence. These are also the largest squirrels in the world.

What a unique and beautiful creature is the Malabar squirrel! Hope you enjoyed their beauty!

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