Military family finds their beloved dog by chance after being seperated for three years

It happens that people have to say goodbye to their pets due to some unwanted conditions.

Something similar happened to a family that needed to rehome due to military deployment. What is odd in this story, is the reunion with their beloved dog after three years.

A woman says how her son found a 7 years old dog about a month and a half ago. It was a mix of blue heeler and Labrador.

When the boy checked out the dog to see her health condition, the latter jumped into the car and refused to get out. So the boy took the dog home.

Then Carla and her family realized that the dog is very smart and polite to everybody, including their cats and a dog. They knew the dog was once a home pet.

Carla wanted to find the real owners of the dog. She found a microchip clipped on the dog but couldn’t contact the owners. Only weeks later she eventually contacted them.

It turned out that the dog named Piper belonged to a family that went to live in Germany for three years due to the job the family father has in the US Air Force.

These people were surprised and disappointed to know that Piper lives on the streets. Before departing from the US they made sure Piper would find a really caring owner.

A man from Kansas adopted her and made sure he would take care of the dog. Lately, they lost contact with the man but were confident that Piper is in good hands.

Soon the family that found the dog decided to return it back to the original adopters of Piper personally to see the reaction of the animal.

Finally, when Piper arrived at the new house of her owner, she got a little confused about the house and the triplets that now were 6 years old. Of course, she recognized Becca – her human mom and started wagging her tail out of joy!

This story is so inspiring! It shows us that there are still kind people in the world who are eager to see the happiness of others!

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