Nobody wanted to live with that little cat but her big dog gave her a place to live in

A little cat who people called Lusy lived with a family where she grew very less time then the owner took her to the house of their granny.

Granny did not desired for the cat as well .She did not take care of her ,did not feed it and in winter it was so cold that Lusy went away and did not come back any more.

It was a great success for granny that she wold not live with Lusy but was very surprized when heard about Lusy …it  had already lived with a dog who gave her a place to live in.Никто не хотел знаться с этой кошечкой, но ее большая собака дала ей приют в своей будке

It was a great shoke for the owners of that big dog who saw him and Lusy living in the same plase hugging each other when everybody was afraid of the huge dog.Not only people but also  other dogs where afraid of the dog.

But now they live, eat and spend their life as friendly that even the owner chould not apart them .

And now Lusy doesn t only live alone but also is very saved and happy having such a good friend.

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