Pallas’s kitten, born in a railway carriage, was adopted by people, and he grew up in a human family

Now she lives somewhere in the forest and does not go out to the person.

Sometimes the fate of wild animals develops in such a way that they have to live and grow up in human families. This is what happened to this pallas’s cat named Dasha.

The mother of the baby gave birth to her in a railway carriage, and when they began the transportation to a new place, the female got scared and ran into the forest. Dasha stayed inside.

People found the wild cat and nursed it. Milk was gradually introduced into Dasha’s diet. After milk, a special high-calorie milk mixture appeared on the kitten’s menu.

And already in two months, the baby tried meat. She also got along with domestic cats over time.

However, for a long time, it is impossible for a human to live with this animal, so the foster family realized the situation. When she got stronger and became interested in the outside world, she was taken to a special reserve.

It contains the natural habitat of pallas’s cats, so Dasha will be comfortable in such conditions. At first, the cat behaved indecisively and returned to the place where it was dropped off.

But a day later, the young cat began to behave more confidently. Now she lives somewhere in the forest and does not go out to the person.

The kind family only has pleasant memories of how they raised their unusual pet.

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