Scared homeless puppy with injured spine found a home for 8,000 kilometers

This dog has so unlucky past. Nobody knows why the little dog fell on the street and got sick. The most likely thing is that it was born by a stray dog-mother.

It was not easy for the unprotected animal alone. Without food, heat and with a lot of sicknesses this pup was surviving for years.

A couple from Canada, having arrived at the southeast of Europe in Macedonia, saw him. Both husband and wife immediately fell in love with the kind and sweet puppy.

They began to come to him every day, to bring him food. Then they called a veterinarian to help the pup. He was given the necessary treatment against infection.

And at the same time, they prepared the dog for a long journey through the ocean to a new place of residence. So the Canadians decided to adopt the poor pup. They microchipped the dog, issued travel documents.

As for the spinal cord injury, since it didn’t cause the baby severe pains, they made the decision to do an operation immediately in Canada.

And here he is in the new house. A good, calm life under the care of loving adults awaited the pup. At the same time, the newcomer made friends with another pet living in the same house.

We are thankful to this absolutely wonderful couple that gave the pup a second chance!

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