She had to go 125 kilometers to get home after her loving human abandoned her.

This loyal Bull mastiff crossed 125 miles to return to her human, who abandoned her.

Her name was Maru, and she was one year old then, when her owner decided to get rid of her.

Her human said, that the dog caused allergic to her, and she couldn’t stand her anymore.

So, the woman put the poor doggo in a train to transport her to Novosibirsk, because the dog was born there.

But, the loyal creature escaped from the train, as she wanted to find the way back home.

Witnesses said, that Maru tried to open the wagon door with her paws. And after the train stopped in a station of Achinsk, she rushed out from the wagon immediately.

The staff tried to bring her back to the wagon, but in vain.

She rushed out to the gloomy Siberian deep forest.

Luckily, Maru could escape from being attacked or beaten by bears or wolves in her way home.

However, she got injuries, she did not withdraw. Her only wish was to reach home as soon as possible.

But, the poor loyal soul couldn’t imagine, that she was not welcomed here anymore.

Finally, after a long journey, the staff managed to find her at an estate not so far from her previous owner’s house.

She was very hungry and tired up. Even her paws had broken in her long way to home.

Luckily, this time the staff organized the transportation of the doggo to her hometown, Novosibirsk, where she reunited with her mom and dad, and lived together with them.

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