Super rare Przewalski’s horse foal is born in the Marwell zoo: the crew is excited about the expected birth

It’s always a celebration in zoos when an animal is born. Recently, in the Marwell Zoo a Przewalski’s horse, also known as Mongolian wild horse was born. The species is included in the critically endangered animals red list.

The zoo is excited about the newborn horse. They have given special attention to the mom during the pregnancy period. In the end, the female horse gave birth to a healthy foal.

The baby was born at night, so the zoo administration hasn’t yet known the sex of the foal.

This zoo specifically follows the breeding of the Przewalski’s horses. We are glad that they succeeded.

These horses come from Central Asia. They are typical of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Only after 11 or 12 months of carrying the foal, the females give birth.

These species are small in size, have a big head and a thick neck. Their legs are short. These horses are adapted to desert places.

Agree, that the short horses are very cute and lovely!

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