Teenagers rush to save the baby on the highway at night

Many people are quick to judge teenagers, assuming that they are always up to no good.But that just isn’t the case.

Two teenagers from Mount Juliet, Tennessee went viral when they risked their lives to save a 3-year-old girl.

One night, Dalaurens Holland, 15, and Zek Krinzhnik, 13, were sitting and talking on Zek’s porch.

It was pretty late, and the sky was dark. They were outside and were enjoying the fresh air.At about 10:15 PM, they were scared when they saw a figure emerging from the bushes below.

“We were sitting on my porch up there, and then we were talking about clowns and stuff,” Zech recalled, «And then, all of a sudden, we see this thing out in the middle of the road.”

The boys were perplexed bywhat was happening and decided to go downstairs and figure it out.But when they saw it, they thought it was a fox or some other kind of animal.

So leaving the conversation about clowns, they rushed to the animal, hoping to save him.

But when they got closer, they realized that it wasn’t an animal. It was a 3-year-old girl heading straight for a busy highway.

The boys hadn’t realized it was a toddler at first but now, time stood still. The little girl was all alone and there were no adults nearby. But they soon realized that a truck was coming straight towards her.

Both teenagers raced after the little girl, risking their lives.

Dalaurence jumped into the road and ran to the little girl just a few seconds before she was hit by an oncoming truck.

Really the little girl was lucky! Thanks to the heroic actions of Dalourence and Zeck, the little girl’s life was saved.

It isn’t clear why the girl was on the road alone, but after the incident, her parents were interrogated by the police.

And what about the boys, they got a lot of good praise.Later, the officials of Mount Juliet even gave them the key to the city in honor of their good deed.

Thank goodness the brave teens were in the right place, at the right time.Thank you guyss!

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