The dog ended up on an ice floe, and she began to disperse under his paws: there was little time left

The dog decided to use the ice to cross the bay, but when he stepped on the frozen water, he could only get ashore with the help of rescuers.

Dogs are very smart, but sometimes they make mistakes, often with serious consequences. This dog decided that the bay in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was frozen enough to support his weight.

In fact, the ice turned out to be thin and could not support the weight of the animal. Solid, at first glance, the surface began to crack and diverge literally under the paws of the animal.

Rescuers had to deal with the rescue of the animal. All the time while people were helping the animal, another dog was running on the shore, which howled loudly. People decided that this was the girlfriend of the four-legged victim.

As soon as the rescuers brought the dog to the shore, both dogs immediately rushed to their heels. People never understood if dogs are friends or a couple. Perhaps the dog was on the ice just to impress his companion.

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