The dog is struggling to stay awake in order to prove to her owner she has good qualities

The daily schedule, the change of seasons, the implementation of a variety of affairs clearly on time օtherwise, there will be sleep disorders.

This is the dog Shesna, struggling with sleep. But why?

This is an extremely responsible pet, which is allowed to sleep in a chair, but she has the right to do this only when the owners are absent.

In the mornings, Shesna escorts them to work, then goes to rest, meeting them in the evening and helping them do their business. However, due to quarantine, dog owners are now not going to work!

In a short time, Shesna’s bewilderment was replaced by the understanding that this was just a challenge to test her qualities. The owner of the dog, named Michael de Leone, told her during a video shoot that she could still rest on the chair.

However, Shesna belongs to the resistant breed of Shih Tzu and with the help of tricks, it will not work. She held on and didn’t sleep. Therefore, the owner pretended that he had done his business, after which Shesna fell asleep safely!

Do you have a dog? Does it love to sleep or is it as resistant as the dog Shesna?

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